Flip is a video discussion app that provides a safe, accessible space where students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can explore new ideas, connect with others, get creative, and contribute to meaningful discussions.


You can earn the Framing the Lesson and Recognize & Reinforce badges by utilizing Flip in your classroom.

Use the resources below to learn the basics of Flip and get started on your own!

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Earn Your Badges

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Framing the Lesson Badge Requirements
The teacher must include a screenshot of a topic that has been assigned to their class for a Close activity. The screenshot must include student responses to the close activity. 

Examples of Framing the Lesson using Flip: 

  • Assign a topic as an exit ticket for your Close activity

Recognize & Reinforce Badge Requirements
The teacher must include a screenshot of some form of feedback that has been given in Flip that gives recognition to the student on their academic growth or success. Your evidence must show the student video you are responding to. 

Examples of Recognize & Reinforce using Flip: 

  • Provide text, audio OR video feedback to your students’ topic submissions
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